Services at Above the Spurs

Photo courtesy of the APHA Journal

Gestalt Coaching is offered both with and without the presence of a horse.

Some options include:

  • Meet one-on-one in person
  • One-on-one via Zoom
  • Phone coaching sessions
  • Join a planned group – ask for additional info
  • Create your own group with members of your choice/team
  • Coach camp for Direct Sales and Network Marketers

A couple of things you need to know:

  • This is a safe space
  • There is no judgment

There is no riding if you have a session with a horse.

  • Our horses are partners in the coaching process
  • When you come for a horse session, please dress in layers as temperatures can change quickly, and wear close-toed shoes.


Coaching Packages

Customizable packages and a la carte options available. Contact us for additional information.

One-on-One Coaching — Private, just you, me and a horse …

One-on-One coaching sessions

  • Learn about the influences of your daily decision making process
  • Gain clarity
  • Connect with your true self
  • Uncover the root of your roadblocks and remove once and for all
  • Unlock what is holding you back
  • Learn new ways to set goals and achieve them
  • Release the sorrow
  • Transformation


Services For Youth

Are you looking for a way to help your teen? Is your teen struggling with:

  • Self confidence
  • Dealing with the divorce of his/her parents
  • Loss of a friend or family member
  • Sruggling to manage friend groups

As a parent, are you out of strategies to help support your teen?

  • Call me… let’s talk about that next step to helping your child/teen find his or her own path

Group Sessions — join likeminded people or create your own …

Looking for community?

  • A great way to connect with yourself and others

  • Experience the magic of supporting each other through compassion and kindness while discovering your own self worth

  • Leave feeling empowered to create a better life

Phone/Zoom Coaching

Unable to travel to meet face to face? Not enough time in the day to make time for you? No problem!

  • Phone/Zoom coaching allows us to communicate from anywhere
  • Allows for a private session
  • Grief
  • Rediscover joy in your life
  • Gain clarity
  • Goal setting
  • Design action steps to help you attain your goals

Coach Camp for Direct Sales & Network Marketers

Coach Camp

  • Are you leading a team? Is your team expanding? Are you part of a team?

  • Workshops tailored to your needs to help create a more connected team!

  • Contact me to learn more!

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