Meet Cheryl

Hi there! I have always had a true love for horses since I was a little girl and my parents brought home my first pony. I have also had a huge heart for helping others since a very young age! Over the last 25 years, I have been blessed with the opportunity of coaching children, teens, and adults in various settings. Along life’s journey, I have also had my own fair share of stumbles and pitfalls, namely cancer and divorce, and have used each as a learning experience to grow and gain new understandings. As a cancer thriver, diet and lifestyle have become very important, and I love helping others navigate the ever- confusing path to better physical and emotional health.

My Journey

Photo courtesy of the APHA Journal

On the path of personal growth, I have had to take a step back, more like 10 steps, and take a deeper look into my own core values in order to gain absolute clarity as to who I am. This has not been easy, by any means! However, this has led me on a discovery path of knowing I am meant for more, much like many of you! Being able to sit as a Gestalt client myself, with horses at my side, has opened so many doors… It takes much work on yourself to step into the person you are meant to be and I must say, worth the time, effort, and expense! I have also discovered how important it is to be true to yourself and what you stand for in order to unlock those doors!

I am your guide on your journey to wholeness.

As a cancer thriver myself, I have walked the unknown path through the days of fear, a multitude of tests and surgeries, and yes, months of chemotherapy. I know what it is like to fight for your life….and I also now know what it is like to “live” and enjoy life! I had an amazing support system as I walked through my own journey…and had no idea 18 years later I had so much processing to do before I could fully heal. Thankfully, through the EGCM Certification Program, founded by Melisa Pierce, I learned first hand how to let go, and second, how to help others. Whether you are a survivor, wanting to thrive, or a care- taker wanting to fly, allow me to help you unleash those heavy chains…as there IS life after cancer!

Additionally, having been involved in Direct Sales and Network Marketing for over 15 years, I have invested countless hours of time and money in training and personal growth & development. I have been trained by the best of the best; Tony Robbins and Eric Worre to name a few. I have learned the laws of attraction related to energy, that life begins outside of your comfort zone, and the list goes on and on! I have also learned that limiting beliefs can be an insurmountable road- block… if not addressed. Many of these road-blocks tie to self worth; opinion vs truth. I have worked hard to uncover and dismantle my own limiting beliefs. Now, allow me to help you uncover yours!

Meet my healing herd …

Come meet Shiloh…this blue-eyed girl is one of the kindest, sweetest horses you’ll ever meet! She is full of heart and soul. Everyone that comes to the ranch knows her! Prior to joining me in the coaching realm, Shiloh  produced amazing foals with tremendous personality, great disposition and outstanding conformation. If you are looking to experience acceptance, gratitude and love…Shiloh will warm your heart!

Smudge awaits your visit… she is 16 years old and eye candy from the minute you see her. She loves a “job!” From trail rides, to arena work, reining maneuvers, she has it all. From the ground, when you are truly in your “heart space,” Smudge will meet you on a dime. Shift out of that space and into your “head space,” she will find somewhere else to spend her time!

Tyson – Tyson is our herd gelding who is kind, gentle and yet rules the roost! He loves people, both young and old, and has been “around the block!” When he is not offering his amazing talents coaching, he can often be found under saddle in the roping arena. Time spent with him will warm your heart!

Nugget -This little guy, born in March of 2020, has brought pure joy like no other, during a very challenging time, world- wide. He has served as a daily reminder to be present and find the joy in every moment. He gave us a reason to love, laugh, and smile every day. He has not yet come on board as an equine coach due to his age…but loves people as he is a total extravert! He is sure to greet you from his stall/run once you arrive!


“Thank you, Cheryl, for helping me with my polarity piece. You helped me find the powerful part of myself and allowed me to stay in that moment when I moved into it. I will remember this when the other part peeks out, and I am so grateful!”

K, Colorado

“Cheryl’s kind and gentle spirit creates a safe space. Her experience and knowledge of working with people, her gentleness, create a beautiful atmosphere to clear unfinished business.”
C, Colorado

“Cheryl was the calm, steady and solid ground in the storm I worked through. Her encouragement to keep going deeper and steady strength led me to an amazing breakthrough. I felt like I was safe, and she had enough strength for both of us if I fell apart. I was 100% right. Her strength held me all the way through my piece of work. I felt so safe, loved, and present with her. She created that safe space and held it exactly where she knew I needed it.”
T, Idaho

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