Ever wondered if there could be life after cancer? Well, I’m here to let you know there is! And…it can be a GREAT life! When I was diagnosed with breast cancer at age 31, I felt as though I had been run over by a mag truck; it was such a shock as I didn’t know anyone who had been through this diagnosis. My surgeon, Dr. Brian Gill, told me the year ahead would really be tough…like hell… but I would learn to live a “new, normal life.”

Dr. Gill was right! Now, 20+ years later, I am only months away from an incredible opportunity to serve others. I DID go through a year of hell, enduring surgery and months of chemotherapy. I DID have to take a leave of absence from my teaching position. I DID NOT KNOW how I would make my house payment and care for my horses on 60% of my 3rd year teaching and a salary that was barely above poverty level. I DID know I would hunt for a silver lining to, what seemed like, an endless black cloud that loomed over me.

Today, I can tell you I chose to take my experience back into the classroom, knowing I could make a difference! Once I was introduced to a nutritional product, by someone I call my Guardian Angel (a substitute teacher in my building), I armed myself with info regarding the importance of fruits and veggies. I could no longer walk through the school cafeteria and turn my head at the unhealthy, packaged, and processed foods I saw children eating daily. So, I started with a two -week nutrition Detective unit that expanded into a 6 -week unit by the time I left education in 2016. If students were solidifying skills in reading, writing and math, they could learn to read food labels, write to companies persuading them not to use harmful additives, preservatives and food dyes, and calculate grams and calories in their daily intake of food.

When I chose to leave education after 20 years, my desire was to not only help children improve their diets, but help entire families. So, I set out to grow my skills in order to reach more people.

Along the way of my personal growth journey, I came across the program, Touched By A Horse, developed by Melisa Pierce. This was no coincidence either! (I was introduced to the program by two separate people, in two separate walks of life, within a two-week period of time). No joke! Within days, I was accepted into the program and started class that upcoming January. I was beyond excited about this opportunity as I had been looking for a way to meld my passion for nutrition along with a burning desire to include my love for horses and helping others. What I didn’t know when I entered the program is how much it would impact me personally, in such a positive and profound way! Now, months later, here I am, building my dream facility where I can continue to share my passion for health and nutrition along with helping others find their path for stepping into greatness. My horses and I can help you take the necessary steps! Use your passions to help fuel you forward into serving others!